Pre-Listing Inspection

John Gehri Zerrer

John Gehri Zerrer

River's Edge Home Inspections

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your deal might fall through because your inspection report has revealed a surprising repair and replace list? Maybe you’re dealing with a first time Buyer who is overwhelmed with the stress and can’t see that everything is fixable, or your Sellers are now troubled because up until now, everything had gone smoothly, and they couldn’t have foreseen or budgeted for this delay? This is in addition to the work that both selling and buying agents have put in to get to the finish line…

As a Builder who built my own house, barn, and shop, I was extremely surprised when one of my mentoring Instructors walked me through a home inspection at my own home. There was a long list of deficiencies, nothing big, and all doable. But I thought my place was perfect-because I wasn’t looking for the things home Inspectors look at. So when we sell our own home, we’ll make sure that list of deficiencies is remedied prior to listing, mostly to spare my fragile Builders’ ego from embarrassment.

As a matter of practice, please consider a pre-listing inspection to make that sale a little less stressful, and track on a more efficient timeline. Because your time is valuable and time is $. We can do pre-listing inspection, without a report, at a $100 discount off of our regular pricing. Or with report if you prefer documentation.

*Painting courtesy of Robert Beck

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