About John G. Zerrer

John G. Zerrer

John G. Zerrer is a licensed home inspector who brings a wealth of home building and renovating expertise to the inspection process. With over 35 years experience building new homes and renovating old ones in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, John has seen it all with regard to construction, repair, structural problems and unique situations. John has built and renovated some of the most important and iconic homes in the Delaware Valley. He brings a discerning eye to the process of inspecting homes built in the Delaware Valley from the 1700’s up to the present. He not only delivers a thorough report on a home’s condition, he offers unique insight into a home’s construction and special features that will be valuable during the closing process and for years of home ownership.

John’s expertise is particularly valuable when dealing with older homes that may not have been built to modern codes of construction. Unique constuction details and situations are John’s specialty, and his insights into a homes eccentricities will benefit the buyer not only at the time of the home’s purchase, but for many years afterward.

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